About us

California Society for Paranormal Research

(CASPR) is an organization which brings a

scientific approach to the paranormal

investigations.  Our goal is to disprove all

findings possible during an investigation,

and what is left is truly evidence.  We

charge nothing to our clients, however the

value we can bring to them in peace of

mind is immeasurable.

Investigation Overview
1. Telephone Interview The first stage of any investigation is a telephone interview.  During this interview we can get an idea of the types of activity that are being experienced.   2. Preliminary Meeting When feasible we will have a couple investigators come to the location and take photos and base line readings (EMF, Temp, etc).  This gives us our scientific control prior to showing up and conducting our investigation.
3. Investigation We bring a team out to the location and conduct a full investigation.  We will use everything from digital Voice Recorders, static video cameras, sometimes even thermal imaging in order to gather as much data as possible.  As we conduct this investigation we make certain to attempt to disprove anything we get, and what cannot be explained will be analyzed in great detail during our evidence analysis phase.   4. The reveal Arguably the most important phase is this one.  We will come back out, when appropriate, and present any findings we have.  We take great care at this time to make sure our client is comfortable with the information we have given them.
California Society for Paranormal Research